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Our Furniture and the Environment


We are the Woodmill of Muskoka Family.  We have children and our children have children.  What happens in the world today plays an impact on what will happen to our Grandchildren in the future.  When it comes to recyclable materials, we are all for that.  

The majority of the Woodmill of Muskoka’s furniture is made of High-Density Polyethylene HDPE Plastic. (You know, old water bottles, orange juice containers, bottle caps etc.) This is all ground up and then blended with coloring pigment and UV protectant and turned into a pre plastic cocktail (which is way better than being tossed into the landfill or worse, the bottom of the ocean).  From there, the mixture is forced through overhead pipes and melted to form the durable plastic lumber that we then turn into the wonderful furniture that you have come to love.

Recycling one ton of plastic saves 5,774 kWh of energy. That's enough energy to charge a Tesla battery more than 100 times! Less landfills and cleaner oceans. Using plastic that's already in our natural environment is a great opportunity to reduce pollution.  Healthier for Grandchildren.  And one Adirondack chair is the byproduct of over 1500 discarded water bottles.

In trying to do our part and selling recycled plastic products, we feel our children’s children may have a cleaner, fresher future.