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Long-lasting, comfortable, great looking, and with low maintenance, cedar is a favourite material and makes an ideal choice for your fine home or cottage. Cedar furniture can compliment any setting from the rustic to contemporary home styles. Whether you’re renovating a quaint log cabin or updating your present furnishings, we have an exceptional selection of cedar pieces for you to choose from.

Benefits of Pacific Cedar properties are variously compared to many species, such as incense cedar, spruce, pine and even Douglas fir. Its unique strong scent and pest resistance resemble that of incense cedar, but its color and knot structure that of spruce.

Woodmill of Muskoka has products like swings, loveseats, dining chairs, Muskoka Chairs, gliders, rockers and a host of other outdoor furniture options. Our cedar furniture is made locally and is choice of red or white cedar, or log styles. You may paint, stain, or seal your furniture for extra protection.

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Our furniture designs follow 3 rules;

  1. the piece must be structurally strong
  2. pleasing to look at
  3. above all-comfortable to use.
Log Furniture Swing

We encourage people to sit in the chairs for the fit that is right!

Red Cedar Furniture

Woodmill of Muskoka cedar furniture is designed for comfort and built to last. Tables, chairs, benches, planters are available in a wide variety of styles. Woodmill of Muskoka also produce stunning cedar gazebos and will build complete cedar patios. We make our furniture from Western Red Cedar because it is superior to other wood in outdoor applications. Western Red Cedar colours range from deep sienna brown through reddish cinnamon, to mellow amber. Its natural oils provide decay resistance and its fibre stability provides structural longevity. Western Red Cedar has a world-wide reputation as a wood of choice for outdoor furniture.

Why Pacific Cedar?


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Custom Log Furniture

Our custom log furniture comes from various suppliers from across Ontario and Quebec. Northern white cedar is superior and the favourite amongst many furniture novices because it is durable, practical, pleasantly aromatic, has a fine uniform texture and beautiful to look at and relax in. It is reasonably light, low shrinkage, low warping, and is resistant to insects and decay.It is virtually maintenance free and holds a "natural" beauty for years.

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