NEW LOCATION IN SUDBURY - Visit "MIKE" at 1610 Regent St South or call 249-377-9222
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So if you are here, you obviously have questions.  You may have checked the Frequently Asked Questions section here on our website found under Resources and if not or your concerns are still unanswered, here are a few ways you can chat with one of us. 

First off, you can choose which location:
Sudbury and call us on the phone at 249-377-9222 or email us at [email protected] 
Gravenhurst Toll Free 1-888-597-5573 or (705) 687-5959 for an instant reply or we will call you right back. **  Since we are closed for the season, send us an email at  [email protected]  as we are always online for you and answer our emails daily.  

Another way is chatting on Messenger by clicking on the icon at the bottom of your screen.  

A wise man (my dad) once said, "Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question,

only silly answers."