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For use with Arm Chair, Loveseat, Sofa, and Modular Expansion Kit


Depth: 33″
Width: 31″
Height: 12″

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Arm Chair, Loveseat, Modular Expansion, Sofa

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Adaption Indigo Premium, Anthem Dove Premium, Beige-Trusted-Coast Standard, Canvas Granite Standard, Canvas Navy Standard, Canvas Spa Standard, Cast Ash Standard, Cast-Breeze Standard, Cast-Dune Standard, Cast-Horzon Standard, Cast-Lagoon Standard, Cast-Petal Standard, Cast-Pumice Standard, Cast-Silver Standard, Cultivate Tandoori Standard, Depth-Blush Premium, Dupione-Celeste Standard, Gateway Mist Standard, Integrated Steel Premium, Jockey Red Standard, Milano Charcoal Standard, Peyton Granite Standard, Posh-Aqua Standard, Raven Black Standard, Spectrum Indigo Standard, Spotlight Ash Standard, Spotlight Dune Standard, Stanton Lagoon Standard, Zone Eclipse Premium