7530 * SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 (1 kg) Total Alkalinity Increaser


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    • SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 is used to raise Total Alkalinity in spa water.
    • A level teaspoon contains approximately 8 gms. The addidtion of 18 gms (approximately 2 teaspoons) of SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 per 1,000L of water will raise Total Alkalinity by 10ppm. Add directly to the spa water, with pump in operation.
    • Low Total Alklanity causes spa water to be corrosive and irritating and may result in staining and etching of the spa surface.
    • Low Total Alkalinity may cause pH to fluctuate excessively wen being adjusted. This is known as pH "bounce".
    • For these reasons, Total Alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 125-150ppm.