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Paddle Tables

Paddle tables are designed to evoke the feeling of a more traditional way of life, such as in Northern Canada, when canoes used to be the only method of transportation across the lakes and rivers. Today, no cottage would be complete without 1 or 2 canoes and the tops of these tables are designed to resemble the paddles used to propel them. The tables can be used individually, but when put alongside each other, they act as one large table. They are the same height as the 24" and 30" Round Tables.

24" & 30" Round Tables

Either size of our round tables can be placed in your garden or on your patio together with your chairs to complete your outdoor furniture setting. They are at the correct height so you can reach the table easily when sitting in your garden chair.These tables, which is easily set up or fold away for storage, can act as a outdoor dining table. A perfect setting for entertaining family and friends!

Paddle Tables
Round Tables
Round Table

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