Condo Living Sectional

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Save Space

Compact yet comfortable design


97" Long

49" Deep

26" Deep (Couch side)


Built for year round use with little to no maintenance

Quality Cushion

With Sunbrella material which is fade resistant and water resistant

With most balconies about 60 inches deep, we've designed our sectional to fit like a dream on most condo balconies! Welcome to a new level of comfort and style with our City View Sectional. Expertly tailored for condo balconies, this compact yet comfortable design enhances your outdoor living experience! Create new memories over the skyline by extending your living space out onto the Balcony. The City View set's heavy-duty frame withstands winds and weather, no frame storage required, making it a hassle-free, year-round delight. High-quality Sunbrella cushions offer high quality fade-resistant water-resistant fabrics with Velcro straps to stay put during breezy conditions. Transform your balcony into a modern, vibrant outdoor living space with the City View Sectional


Available Colours 02 White* ou 14 Black ou 18 Slate Grey
Fabric Sunbrella Bliss Dew Box Style ou Sunbrella Cast Charcoal Box Style ou Sunbrella Bliss Pebble Box Style ou Sunbrella Bliss Linen Box Style ou Sunbrella Cast Harbour Box Style