4 Season Furniture, 4 Season Use

Recycled plastic has taken the market by storm, and there is no mystery as to why. Virtually weather proof and maintenance free, it is the perfect material for environmentally conscious 'Set and forget' furniture. The weather proof feature makes this furniture the perfect thing to transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis every season of the year. 

Brush off the snow and bust out the hot chocolate because winter wont be the end of the outdoor season anymore. Don your snow pants, hats, and the rest of your winter gear to make memories in the snow all season long. Don't let Jack Frost stop you from pulling your Muskoka chairs around the fire for a mid day marshmallow roast or relax and soak in some vitamin D on those milder days. Don't let the Canadian winter and snow stop you from bbqs, sunbathing, and enjoying the beautiful Canadian outdoors. 

Picture it, early morning, maybe everyone else in the house is asleep and its the opportune time to take a little bit of 'me' time. Looking out the window offers an obstructed view of outside, however, the deck offers an experience. Bring your coffee and a blanket to the beautiful Stratford or Toffino deep seating set on your deck and experience winter like never before. The silence of the world when covered in a fresh layer of fluffy white snow, pine tree brides draped in their dresses of fresh powdered frost, the morning sun over the unmarked snow. A unique and awe inspiring experience only made better by your Woodmill of Muskoka furniture.

Our customers tell us repeatedly we have the "Best Seat in Muskoka"