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High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is custom-extruded from purified blends of recycled plastics - the kind that come from water, milk and detergent bottles. Every year, thousands of tons of milk bottles and similar plastics are removed from the pollution stream, and diverted and recycled. Additional proprietary additives such as high-colour fast UV–inhibited pigment systems, anti-oxidant processing aids, and foaming agents are then compounded into the product to meet the specifications our poly furniture requires, leaving you with a product that is pleasing to the eye and touch, and is maintenance-free, and can stay outdoors year round! Unlike most wood and wood composite products that quickly fade when exposed to the weather, our poly has no wood fibers, retains its vibrant look for years, even decades, and may fade only slightly over its entire service life.


  • Made from over 95% recycled plastic. Milk bottles, detergent jugs, etc…
  • Extremely weather resistant, with exceptional resistance to moisture, ice, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure. Leave your furniture out year-round.
  • Essentially maintenance-free, requiring no waterproofing, staining, or other similar recurring maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water.
  • High colour stability UV system which minimizes material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure.
  • Easy to clean, stain-free surface, keeps your furniture almost entirely care free!

I live in the true North. Will the heaps of snow and ice hurt my chair?

No. Winter will not hurt your chair at all. If anything, the snow and ice will naturally clean it, lifting dirt and grime out of the tinniest crevices. Our products are designed to stay outdoors all season, in the harshest environments and storms. Fret not.

I live on the lake, will it blow away?

No. Most our chairs are over 40 or 50 pounds, and have been found to stay put on the end of docks, even in 100 kph winds. They are heavy, and are designed that wind finds it hard to grab them. Aside from special storm warnings, you are safe leaving them where they are.

I live in the sun, will it fade?

You will see fade over the service life of your chair. Everything fades eventually, but you should see gradual and even fading. Also, see “Is there anything I can do to pro-long the colour vibrancy of my product?”

I live around the campfire, will the sparks hurt the material?

No. High-density Polyethylene has a high tolerance to heat, and sparks will not leave marks, nor will a hot pot.

I live in the Great Lakes Forests, will it rot?

No. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is extremely resilient to the elements. It will not absorb water or moisture; therefore, it will not rot or mold. If it starts looking like it is, it will wipe off.

Our main difference between a Muskoka and an Adirondack chair is the size.  The Muskoka chair is the smaller of the two with 2" narrower and 1" shorter in the seat.  The Adirondack is the granddaddy of all the chairs.

In 27 years of business, Red stands alone as the #1 color across the board.  Second to that is what ever is in vogue for the year.  One year, the tropical colors, the next year black and white.

Yes and no.

Our Sudbury location is open year round.

Our online store is open year round and you can also email us with questions or orders and we will get back to you as fast as we can. 

Our Gravenhurst location is seasonal with Mother Nature dictating when it is warm enough to work.  Usually from April to October. This year our last in store day will be October 13th, 2023.

Thank you for another great season!

We only use top quality #309 stainless steel hardware on all of our products.

No.  Not all plastic is created equal.  There are different grades of material. The Woodmill of Muskoka brand only uses the highest quality of furniture grade material in all products. We do offer different brands at mid-high level to satisfy all of our customers needs and budgets.

The most popular chair is the Adirondack, as it provides a little extra space for optimal comfort. 

Our chairs have the highest quality of furniture grade material and we pay particular attention to detail.  They also have a 25 year warranty so is almost to be treated as an investment.

Our colour process when making the plastic is down to a science. There is no discernable difference between lots.  

Will the chairs fade?

New generation plastic has the color throughout and they actually put UV protectant in the plastic when being made so it is resistant to fading. Fading will occur in various types of sun exposure.

We are a believer that you are purchasing a chair of quality.  

We do not want you to be frustrated in the assembly process on your first day of owning it.  We assemble all furniture unless otherwise requested at no charge.

Due to the weatherproof nature of our furniture, cleaning is a breeze! We recommend regular cleaning to keep it looking new and beautiful. Check out some of our tried and true cleaning options here in our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

In 27 years of business, Red stands alone as the #1 color across the board.  Second to that is what ever is in vogue for the year.  One year, the tropical colors, the next year black and white.

We offer a 25-year limited warranty for residential use. During warranty coverage, we guarantee our product to never split, crack, or splinter! Check out our full warranty page for additional details.