DLFS * Hanging Flying Saucer 7' Dia


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    Stainless steel carabineer and 26ft rope

    Bird/bug net

    Sun/Rain/Weather cover

    Storage/Duffel bag

    Weight Capacity

    450 lbs


    Classic comfortable design


    Great for indoor and outdoor use

    Introducing the 2-person Flying Saucer Hanging Lounge with Stand, a stunning and versatile seating option that provides an exquisite place to lounge, nap, or read, both indoors and outdoors. The Flying Saucer can be effortlessly mounted to a tree or beam in your house using the included rope and carabiner, allowing for a whimsical outdoor experience. However, the included stand provides the flexibility to enjoy the lounge anywhere you desire, whether indoors or outdoors. The stand itself is constructed with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.

    The hanging design of the Flying Saucer offers a natural and soothing movement, adding to the relaxation it provides. Setting up the Flying Saucer Hanging Lounge with Stand is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy its comforts without delay. With a simple and efficient setup process, you can promptly create your own personal sanctuary.