F04 * Premium Footstool, Generation Line


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Premium Relaxation


100% Recycled Plastic


Ontario Made

Support Local.

Looking for something timeless and simplistic? Look no further! Rugged design ensures many years of use. Perfect for use on a dock, deck or in the garden.

Things you may or may not want to know;
Depth 18″ /46cm
Width 18″ / 46cm
Height 16″ / 30cm
Weight 19lb / 9kg

What we love and you will love too:
Made In Canada
No Cracking, Peeling, Painting or Staining Necessary
25 year warranty
Made From 7/8" Thick Heavy Gauge Plastic Lumber
Stainless Steel Hardware
No painting, No slivers, No Rot
Made from UV stabilized pigments
Use them 365 days a year
Can be used for residential or commercial


Available Colours 01 Red ou 02 White ou 03 Blue ou 04 Yellow ou 07 Beige ou 09 Turquoise ou 11 Aqua ou 12 Sky Blue ou 13 Orange ou 14 Black ou 16 Chocolate ou 17 Kiwi ou 18 Slate Grey ou 19 Light Grey ou 20 Navy ou 0716 Beige on Chocolate ou 1918 Light Grey on Slate Grey ou 0218 White on Slate Grey ou 0220 White on Navy