Our customers tell us repeatedly we have the "Best Seat in Muskoka"

Best seat in Muskoka? Seems like a bold claim but 27 years in business is nothing if not a testimony to the style and the one of a kind quality that our chairs are known and loved for. Our chairs, both wooden and recycled plastic, are beautifully crafted with an unmatched eye for detail. They feature full 2 by 4 legs and a support up the middle of the seat making for a sturdy chair, as well as hidden screws and routered edges that make for an over all more esthetically pleasing and sharp appearance.

Sink back into the deep seat (Or raised seat) of your Woodmill Muskoka or Adirondack chair and experience quality craftmanship and comfort that can only be achieved with our perfected design and meticulous care. Perfect for the dock, deck or yard, Woodmill chairs will add style and class to any seating area. Woodmill offers a wide variety of UV protected colours, from bright colours that pop on the dock to neutral colours that will bring a timeless look to the deck.

From the waterfront of Toronto to your own back yard, each Woodmill chair brings the comfort and nostalgia of the Muskokas to you.

4 Season Furniture, 4 Season Use