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Our staff have been with us for many years

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Ron McKay, 

HH, Head Honcho

Viviana Marzin-McKay

CCHH, Co-Chief Head Honcho


Tracey Lippert

SR Sales Guru Extraordinaire

Clara Marzin 

CFO, Chief Family Officer

1st Generation & 85 yrs young

Woodmill Matriarch

Sharene Young

Penny Processor

Christine Ward Van Ekelenburg

Receptionist, Sales/Accounting Assistant 

Jonathan Swales

  Lead Driver, Production & Maintenance Support

Joseph Harding

Custom Work Co-ordinator

Ryan Merovitz 

Warehouse, Assembler, Driver

Cooper Jackson

Order and invoicing Guru

James Ripley

Sales Guru

Paul Leibold

Warehouse &  Assembler Supervisor


Warehouse Support 

* Sudbury Location *

Alex Lemire

Does-It-All kind of guy